The sheer number of European development funding agencies can feel overwhelming.


Imagine having the knowledge to navigate EU funders and have the following questions answered:

  • Which EU countries provide humanitarian aid?
  • Do EU funders work with the private sector?
  • What if my organization isn't headquartered in Europe? Can I still work with EU governments?
  • What do different governments require in terms of cost share or overhead?

To help fill the knowledge gap, we've developed our EU Funding Map,  an overview of 25 EU country government funders, along with insights into their funding strategies. 

EU Donor Overview

Which governments fund humanitarian aid and international development projects.

Funding Eligibility

What EU donors are looking for, and how they are prioritizing funding.

Cost Structures

How each donor sets indirect costs, overhead and staff rates.

Need for Local Presence

Whether a local organization is needed to lead, or if global organizations can apply.

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