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4 Proven Steps for Navigating "No Unsolicited Proposals" From Funders 


How many times have you visited a funder's website only to read the dreaded "We Don't Accept Unsolicited Proposals" language in bold letters on the home page? What's a fundraiser to do? Hope that somehow your organization lands on their solicitation list? Give up and cross the funder off your prospect list? What's the best way to navigate this scenario? Download this guide to find out!


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Change Seekers: Finding Your Path to Impact

In her first book, Joanne shares her personal and professional journey towards finding fulfillment. She also tells the stories of other inspiring leaders that have shaken expectations, challenged the status quo and followed their intuition toward making our world a better place.

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Purposeful Profits

Purposeful Profits provides first-hand accounts from those working inside successful companies, large and small, local and global, that are making a positive impact, what it means for the future of business profitability, and why being a business that is purpose-driven is as important as any other measure of success.

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