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We help open the door to new funding

Since 2014, Connective Impact has been the go-to resource provider for international nonprofits, businesses, and funders seeking inroads to new and diverse partners and collaborators. Building a comprehensive membership network, we use the power of intelligence to build connection and impact.

Welcome to Connective Impact. 

Connective Impact provides you the fundraising resources, visibility and intelligence you need to make an impact.


  • Empathy for those most in need
  • Recognition of our global challenges and the power of collaboration to solve them
  • Passion for making the world a better place
  • Certainty that companies have a role in solving our global problems
  • Commitment to relationship-centric fundraising


‚ÄčAs our planet approaches its limits of water availability, food production, climate change and population growth, urgent action to improve how we collaborate with limited resources, and advance economically is critical. We believe in the power of relationship building and partnership to make fundraising simple, and change possible.

Our Founder’s Story

There was no turning back for me after October 25, 2013. I had made a promise to myself after the terror attacks of 9/11 that I would devote my work to making the world a better place, at all costs, and with the skills and abilities I possessed.

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Joanne Sonenshine

Founder + CEO


Carrie Ferrence



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