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"Our previous subscriptions only provided access to funding opportunities, with no means of connecting with funders or gathering intel that’s not already on the donor website. Plus, it lacked personalised experience since 1:1 vendor consulting support was not available."
Connective Impact is different.

-- Aidtya Rayala, CAWST




Have private access to a variety of donors through monthly Donor Q&A sessions and facilitated matchmaking

Take advantage of tools and insights into effective fundraising and partnership building

Stay Informed on funding opportunities and better position your organization for prospecting

Network with other international development fundraisers and business development professionals

Get tips on what donors are looking for and how best to communicate with them. 

Help break apart the silos that separate the "doers" from the donors.

"We are so grateful for the introduction you made for us to [name redacted] from [Foundation name redacted].

Since that momentous introduction, we have had a wonderful partnership with another kindred soul in follow-on-funding efforts that has already resulted in wonderful outcomes for our portfolio and the [other funder].

I am also so grateful to be able to attend the donor sessions that you have facilitated, which have been incredibly helpful for my learning of the philanthropy and fundraising landscape."

-- Sarah Verschoor, DRK Foundation


Level 1


  • Access to Private Curated Funding Portal Updated Weekly
  • Virtual Q&A Discussion Sessions with a Different Donor Every Month
  • Facilitated Connection Building
  • Member Resources Portal
  • Bi-Annual Member Meet-Ups/Ask-Give Sessions
  • Access to the Connective Impact Members’ Lounge- An exclusive online community

Level 2


All Level 1 Benefits PLUS

  • Access to Private Donor Intelligence Database With Data for Prospecting
  • Quarterly Donor Intel Q&As /Office Hour Sessions (Group)
  • Donor Outreach Blueprint Mini-Course and Monthly Donor Outreach Email Tips 

Level 3


Additional Support program includes:
  • Program Priority Setting for Fundraising Strategy
  • Funder and Partner Identification and more Personalized Outreach Strategies
  • Coaching and Strategy Support

Pay Annually And Receive 1 Month Free

Level 1 Annual Membership ($737)
Level 2 Annual Membership ($1,429)
“Connective Impact’s community has been a great resource to find and learn about new donors. The community has also provided regular opportunities to network with others in similar partnership development roles.
This is the best money spent towards fundraising!”

Angela Kirkman -- Vice President, Rare

“It has been immensely valuable to be part of the Connective Impact community. The opportunity to speak with funders directly, as well as connect with peers to share perspectives and explore partnerships is so important.”

Anjum Khalidi -- Senior Director of Development,  BOMA

“I appreciate the work of Connective Impact very much... This is such a special network and sharing environment.”

Christina Becherer -- Global Director, Strategic Partnerships, Children International

“Loving the outreach you are doing for us. It is epic!”

Tom Adams -- 60 Decibels

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