Finding Your Path ​to Impact


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What is Connective Impact? Why do we need it now?

​In her first book, Joanne shares her personal and professional journey towards finding fulfillment. Taking risks, questioning decision making, staying true to her passions and being curious were all necessary to finding her true path to impact.

Joanne also tells the stories of other inspiring leaders that have shaken expectations, challenged the status quo and followed their intuition toward making our world a better place.

Learn about why Connective Impact is needed to more effectively and efficiently make lasting social, economic and environmental change.



​At a time when a sense of purpose and authenticity are the strongly felt need of millions of people in the workforce, Joanne has written a guide that provides vital insights, even building blocks, to help people find their power. By shining a light on the lives and choices of so many different people besides herself - some leading in the public eye, and others quietly so - she has helped us understand that the path to purpose, whilst fraught with uncertainty, risks and wrong turns like any authentic quest, is a path worth taking. Reading Joanne’s book is like being in conversation with those who’ve walked the path and can help us find our own way.

— ​Sachin Malhan, Executive Director, Ashoka Changemakers

Joanne masterfully weaves her own personal story with those of other leaders in the development world, extracting the essence of effective leadership – passion, a willingness to fight against inertia and old-think, and maintaining humility while acting with audacity. This is a wonderful primer, regardless of whether you are just starting your career, or looking to end it with a bang.

— ​Rodney Ferguson, ​President and CEO, Winrock International

Joanne's story encourages each of us to seek a stronger presence in the day-to-day, question the status quo and take risks to find the lasting impact for which we work tirelessly as sustainability professionals. Joanne's recommendations serve as a guide to anyone on a change-seeking journey.

— ​Liz Maw, CEO, Net Impact

ChangeSeekers presents a personal appeal to readers to think deeply about the story they would like to be true for themselves, to work for that vision with manageable goals, and to open themselves to change, opportunity, and even disappointment along the way.

— ​Tony Siesfeld, Managing Director, Monitor Institute

The human interest stories expertly woven throughout this book are at once practical and optimistic. They lay an important groundwork, empowering readers to take on intractable social issues of our time.

— ​Carrie Rich, CEO, The Global Good Fund

What an inspirational, yet very practical read. I loved following Joanne's journey through her life and career and realized so many commonalities that we share. I was particularly enchanted by: "That being comfortable with the discomfort of not knowing what the future holds is actually a good thing.

— ​Susan McPherson, Founder and CEO, McPherson Strategies

Want a career with meaning but don't quite know how to turn that passion into an actionable job hunt? ChangeSeekers -- one part memoir, one part advice manual -- brings you along for the ride on Joanne Sonenshine's journey from financial broker to corporate sustainability strategist. It will inspire and empower you to seek your own winding path to impact.

— ​Jennifer Boynton, Former Editor in Chief,