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USAID's new helps connect partners and experts, and provides resources to better navigate how to work with the Agency. is an online partner resource hub for organizations that either work with USAID, or are interested in working with USAID in the future. The platform was designed to help organizations connect and learn about each other, and support the broader partnership ecosystem across USAID programs. The platform also contains informative resources and program stories of successful work with USAID's teams around the world. was designed with collaboration in mind, while lowering barriers to entry and making it easier to navigate the often complex ecosystem of USAID resources and information. The platform will be an accessible, transparent, and searchable space for partners to share their experiences working on USAID-funded projects. The stories will be available to USAID staff, other partners, and the public.

USAID has also designed the website with a responsive design to improve accessibility and usability by partners, regardless of device or internet connectivity.

The site includes a search function to browse for specific opportunities or stories of success by region or sector, such as agriculture, health, and education. The hub also helps organizations be more visible and searchable to the Agency and Missions for future funding.

USAID is dedicating staff time and resources to maintaining and adding content to, which will allow it to provide a space where partners can contribute their own insights gained from working with USAID projects. 

We include several FAQs on below

Why did USAID build a platform?

USAID wanted to provide an online platform for new and existing partners to easily find ways to collaborate around USAID programs and projects, learn about engaging with USAID more proactively, and share stories of success.

What are the components of

There are five key components of the website currently. They are: (1) the Partner Directory, which is an easy to search listing of organizations that want to showcase their work for potential collaboration around USAID; (2) the Pre-Engagement Assessment, which is a 48 question self-assessment that helps an organization evaluate their capacity and ability to partner with USAID;  (3) the library,  a centralized repository of guides, videos and trainings with information about how to work with USAID; (4) News and Insights Blog which features stories that highlight a number of potential pathways to partnership with USAID; and (5) frequently asked questions.

How does the new website make the application process easier?

The website is intended to help partners navigate how to work with USAID. They can access interactive tools to learn about their own capacity and readiness to work with USAID.

What are some features to find which allows to be more easily accessible even with low connectivity?

Responsive design ensures that the website is compatible with different types of devices and internet connectivity. It has a search function where you can browse for specific opportunities or stories of success by region or sector, such as agriculture, health, and education.  The site also includes downloadable documents such as the "Start Here" checklist and the Pre-Engagement Assessment questions that partners can download and use offline.

What are some benefits that provides?

The site lowers barriers to entry by providing an online platform that is accessible, searchable, and responsive. It is searchable through functions such as keyword and sector search. Partners can also visit the website to understand their capacity to work with USAID and access learning materials to help them improve their capacity gaps and learn how to compete for USAID funding.

How could WorkWithUSAID benefit a private sector organization working at the local level?

The platform will help connect organizations with new and diverse partners both for engaging with USAID and to support collaboration more broadly. will allow organizations to better understand their capabilities as potential partners for USAID, and will house dynamic resources supporting partnership with USAID into the future.

If you have further questions, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]









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