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Case Study: Soapbox

Soapbox provides soap through nonprofits

Soapbox is a B-Corp, mission-driven company, changing the world one bar of soap at a time. For every product sold, Soapbox donates one bar of soap to those in desperate need of sanitation and hygiene materials through partners in the United States and developing countries.

While Soapbox had already made huge headway with big box retailers prior to COVID, especially with their newly launched hand sanitizer, there was one ideal retail partner for them given its potential for global reach. That retailer was Starbucks. Starbucks needed hand sanitizer for its baristas once reopening during the pandemic.

Thanks to Connective Impact's connection building, in April 2020, Starbucks and Soapbox began a partnership allowing for Starbucks' employees to benefit from supporting a mission-driven, ethical company by using Soapbox sanitizer. The partnership allowed Soapbox to contribute an additional 4 million bars of soap to its nonprofit partners worldwide.

Photo: Soapbox 




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