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Case Study: Mars

Mars Farmer Income Lab volunteer


In 2018, Mars launched the Farmer Income Lab, a collaborative "think-do-tank" working to improve how global supply chains address challenges and opportunities for farmers and for business. Mars was keen to further their existing partnership between USAID's Bureau for Food Security and the Farmer Income Lab.

Mars engaged Connective Impact to facilitate a meeting between the leadership of the USAID Bureau for Food Security and several Mars teammates to generate ideas and opportunities for partnership around the next phases of the Farmer Income Lab.

Connective Impact worked with Mars to identify key stakeholders who shared the same vision as the Farmer Income Lab and facilitated a meeting to assess the potential for a broader public private partnership that would leverage both USAID and Mars' Farmer Income Lab convening and purchasing power.

The outcome of the facilitation between Mars and USAID was a roadmap for action to develop a potential partnership strategy for the Farmer Income Lab.

Photo credit: Farmer Income Lab




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