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Case Study: Kuja Kuja

Kuja Kuja volunteers

Kuja Kuja, a social enterprise real-time feedback system that tracks customers’ levels of satisfaction with international development products and services, and records their ideas for how those services might be improved, was closing its initial funding round in 2019. Keen to leverage its start-up funding to scale its technology platform and grow the business, Kuja Kuja looked to Connective Impact to make valuable connections with partners and donors in Washington, D.C. Specifically, Kuja Kuja was seeking sustainable funding opportunities, and partnerships with international development organizations, to help grow the Kuja Kuja platform in new communities and with new implementing partners.

Connective Impact developed a list of fifty donors and potential partners for Kuja Kuja to review as part of Its initial set of partnership recommendations. From that list, Connective Impact prepared a DC-based roadshow for Kuja Kuja, during which we facilitated ten meetings on their behalf. Additionally, Connective Impact worked with Kuja Kuja to engage additional partners via facilitated phone meetings and connected Kuja Kuja with relevant proposal opportunities.

From the roadshow and partnership engagement work with Connective Impact, Kuja Kuja solidified several operational partnerships in geographies where they were already working, as well as new geographies, and initiated the funding process from a set of public funders based in Washington.

Photo credit: Kuja Kuja




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