Connective Impact Roadshows

Build lasting relationships with our personalized 1, 2 or 3-day donor and partner roadshows.  


Don't Wait For Partners or Funders To Find You.

Let Us Help You Find Them.

It's not easy to get face time with new donors, potential corporate partners or other organizations that may be a valuable strategic partner.

Let's change that.

Scheduling an in-person roadshow allows Connective Impact to leverage our connection building prowess and extensive community ties to build 1, 2, or 3-day itineraries for in-person fundraising and/or partnership discussions.

What's a Roadshow?

These are in-person meetings that we arrange for you based on an extensive priority setting and identification process, allowing you to get in front of new donors, corporates or partners that we agree are well suited to work with your organization.

How Does it Work?

After a strategy session with you or your team, Connective Impact suggests organizations to schedule meetings with in person in the city (or cities) of your choosing.

Connective Impact staff are responsible for scheduling the meetings, and where relevant facilitating in person discussions. 

As appropriate, Connective Impact will help support any follow-up action needed up to one-month post-Roadshow.

Where Can We Schedule Roadshows?

Anywhere? But the most popular locations tend to be Washington, DC, Chicago, Minneapolis, New York City, San Francisco Bay Area, Western Europe and Central America.

Other locations can be added.

What Do Roadshows Cost?

The cost is dependent on your Connective Impact membership status, the number of days, time needed from Connective Impact staff and travel costs, but start at $4,500.

Connective Impact institutional and corporate members will have a different fee structure so please inquire.

Kuja Kuja

Read about the DC-based roadshow we scheduled for our member, Kuja Kuja.

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Westrock Coffee

Read about the DC-based roadshow we scheduled for S&D Coffee and Tea, now Westrock Coffee.

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Let's Hit the Road!

Share with us how we can design a Roadshow for you and we'll get back to you within 24 hours!