How Does 1tent Work?


  • Answer the 1tent quiz and be be paired with up to 4 connections during each hour-long event.
  • Use our special questions, or choose free flowing conversation for each 1-on-1 discussion.
  • Present yourself as YOU, not your organization. 
  • Allow us to help support actionable follow-up.
  • Participate freely in the online community platform.
  • Create new connections, be guided by our facilitation and create long-term impact together!

What Happens After Each Event?

  • We share a follow up survey asking you to rate each of your interactions.
  • We can facilitate as much or as little follow up from your pairings.
  • Participate in as many 1tent events as you wish!
  • Continue conversations inside the 1tent online community.

Who Should Attend 1tent Events?

  • Non profit leaders in South / Central America, East, West / Southern Africa, Southeast Asia and Middle East.
  • Fundraisers for international nonprofits / small enterprises, or those in rural communities across the regions above.

  • Grant makers seeking to invest in / support nonprofits working on global challenges.

  • Business leaders investing in / supporting nonprofits / small enterprises addressing our global challenges.

  • Government leaders and decision makers.

  • Anyone open to creating a productive partnership to advance our greatest global challenges.

What Do I Do Next?


Fill out our simple quiz.

Read our terms of use and guidelines.

Sign up for an event date HERE.

We'll be in touch shortly before the event with further instructions!

Have Fun!


* We will make every effort to find the right matches for each event, but there may be certain situations where we need more information from you, or don't see a great fit for a particular event. We will be in touch should that be the case.