Corporate Membership

Funding for the private sector to address UN Sustainable Development Goals commitments

Meeting impact goals within a corporation means finding resources in otherwise limited budgets. Co-funding from public or private philanthropic sources allows for greater scale and an easier sell internally.

Joining Connective Impact gives you access to insights on international development trends, co-funding opportunities and facilitated pre-competitive collaboration, allowing you to focus on program delivery and providing a sizable ROI for your impact investments.

Corporate Member

  • Facilitated introductions and one on one meetings with donors or partners of choice to explore co-funding as well as management through co-funding proposal development processes.
  • Opportunities to convene and collaborate with like-minded private sector enterprises, as well as donors.
  • Targeted co-funding updates sent at least every month.
  • Access to Connective Impact’s membership catalog of potential implementing partners.
  • Access to community monthly donor Q&As and workshops (past events have included private sessions with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Skoll Foundation, Ted's Audacious Project, GiveDirectly, Segal Family Foundation, MacArthur Foundation, USAID and others)
  • One Membership Spotlight featuring your organization in our weekly newsletter to more than 1,000 global organizations in the international development space and across social media platforms (Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter)
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Optional Services

  • Facilitated workshop on topic of your choice
  • Trends analysis or other research
  • Proposal development support

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Corporate member benefits

Have access to localized, niche and innovative “doers” and funders through Connective Impact's vast network of hundreds of global NGOs, social businesses and funders

Receive targeted co-funding opportunities and positioning advice on public-private partnerships

Be guided as you manage your way through co-funding proposal development processes

Collaborate with other brands on fundraising for SDG-commitment programs

Know who to speak to within donor agencies

Current and Past Corporate Partners

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