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Journey from Prospect to Partner: Kuja Kuja


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Kuja Kuja faced the challenge of securing valuable connections with partners and donors after closing Its initial funding round in 2019. The primary objective was to secure support to sustain and advance its real-time feedback platform for international development.


Connective Impact provided Kuja Kuja with a targeted list of fifty donors and potential partners and organized a DC-based roadshow, facilitating ten meetings on behalf of Kuja Kuja. This strategic approach helped solidify operational partnerships in existing and new geographies and initiated the funding process from a set of public funders based in Washington.

"Kuja Kuja is more than a moral obligation - it's also good business."

-Alight (Kuja Kuja Partner & Connective Impact Member)

Long Term Impact

Kuja Kuja revolutionizes international development by offering tools, reports, and ongoing technical support for real-time feedback, ensuring accountability for humanitarian decision-makers. Their platform enables partner organizations to genuinely hear from beneficiaries, comprehend community needs, and act to enhance programs and services accordingly. 


Through this approach, Kuja Kuja aids in gauging satisfaction, comparing insights over time and locations, and documenting the impact of actions on service feedback. As users adapt to the tool, Kuja Kuja provides continuous support, answering queries, and refining tools to align with organizational information requirements every step of the way. 

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