A Connective Impact Partnership Success Story

Strengthening Health Systems In Kenya and Tanzania


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Personnel turnover and commodity shortages are critical challenges facing public health supply chains in Kenya.


Connective Impact identified inSupply Health's expertise in supply chain management and digital technology. This strategic insight paved the way for a connection to the Patrick J. McGovern Foundation (PJMF), catalyzing the exploration of artificial intelligence's role in enhancing health supply chains. 

"The connection to the Patrick J. McGovern Foundation led us to an opportunity to co-create a project around an important strategic priority for inSupply Health and our Ministry of Health partners. "

— Yasmin Chandi CEO, InSupply Health

Long Term Impact

Through Connective Impact's facilitation, this donor match resulted In a partnership between inSupply Health and the Ministry of Health’s Division of Health Products and Technologies (DHPT) in Kenya and Tanzania. Together, by investing in the development of a skilled and motivated workforce, who are empowered to use data for operational and strategic decisions, it can build a more resilient health system that is better equipped to respond to the needs of the people it serves. 

inSupply Health's commitment to contributing significantly to the government's efforts to ensure universal access to health commodities for all Kenyans, ultimately ensures African communities set health priorities and collaboratively design solutions for health challenges, shaping their own healthy futures. 

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