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Water Smart
Coffee Cultivation


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 33 million

 liters of water saved yearly


on-farm facilities improved

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Coffee-producing regions across Central America face a critical deficiency in access to safe water security services, posing a significant threat to the well-being of communities and the long-term sustainability of coffee cultivation.


Connective Impact identified Shockwave Foundation as a potential donor interested in CRS’ focus on the nexus of natural resource conservation and sustainable livelihoods of the communities close to those resources.

“Connective Impact played an integral role shepherding our relationship with CRS's Blue Harvest Project, an initiative that is well aligned to our climate adaptation
and resilience strategy.”

— Jenny Wegbreit, Shockwave Foundation

“Thanks to Connective Impact, CRS is thrilled to partner with Shockwave as together we seek to build climate resilience and improved livelihoods for Central American smallholder coffee-producing communities and the 9M people relying on their water sources.”

— Lara Diaconu, Catholic Relief Services

Long Term Impact

CRS's Blue Harvest Program has brought together more than 80 organizations to safeguard watersheds and communities linked to coffee production. Utilizing water-saving technologies, improving on-farm facilities, and implementing wastewater treatment on 33 farms, they annually save 33 million liters of water. The program has positively impacted 66,662 hectares, benefiting 200,000 people with enhanced access to natural resources and water.

The vision of Blue Harvest is to extend its influence to various communities, watersheds, and regions globally. As it grows, the program aims to secure partners committed to preserving critical water supply areas such as watersheds and rivers. The ultimate goal is to foster connections between the market, local communities, and the vital water sources, ensuring quality water for people at the source and exceptional coffee for consumers worldwide.


Introducing Blue Harvest Regenerative, the initiative aims to expand the adoption of WSA Blue Harvest practices among coffee farmers in vital watersheds across Honduras and Nicaragua. Embracing these practices enhances productivity and resilience against climate challenges. Proven tools and methodologies support comprehensive efforts for the sustainable integration of regenerative practices on a large scale.

Blue Harvest Regenerative engages 138 diverse organizations in Honduras and Nicaragua, including Water Boards, Water Committees, municipal governments, and national agencies like IHCAFE, MIAmbiente, INETER, MARENA, INTA, MAONIC, UNAG, and FISE. Together, strong partnerships are forged dedicated to aligning sustainable land management with the preservation of vital drinking water resources for coffee farming households and downstream communities.


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