A Connective Impact Partnership Success Story

Mitigating COVID-19 Impact on Education


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 children & youth making meaningful connections at the Amos Youth Centre

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In Zambia, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, community organizations are tackling pandemic-induced education disruptions for children.


Connective Impact facilitated a key partnership after referring the Global Fund for Children (GFC) to the African Education Program (AEP), and their local implementing partner, Amos Youth Centre (AYC), in Zambia to evaluate potential partnership opportunities.

“I am fairly certain that without the connection from Connective Impact, we would never have found AEP as a partner for this project.”

— Christine Burkhart, Global Fund for Children

“As AEP continues to search for funding & resources for our local partner in Zambia, Connective Impact plays an important role as we transition this locally-led partner to becoming financially sustainable.”

- Pamela O’Brien, African Education Program

Long Term Impact

Through this partnership, the African Education Program’s (AEP) flagship Learning & Leadership Center in Kafue, Zambia, the
Amos Youth Centre, is forging powerful connections through the Global Fund for Children's  Partnership to Educate All Kids (PEAK) initiative and has enhanced and sustained AEP’s holistic approach to education and youth development under the PEAK program. 

Moving forward in cultivating trust and collaboration with PEAK partners, the Global Fund for Children is committed to designing capacity development plans, ongoing collaboration to craft impactful safeguarding policies, seeking funding for organizational development as emerging needs surface, and ultimately working to generate meaningful connections between youth and community-led partners.



Today, The Amos Youth Centre (AYC), is a community-led and youth-driven organization, that focuses on creating quality, inclusive opportunities for learning, health, entrepreneurship, and leadership development among promising Zambian youth and women. By 2034, the goal is to generate 500,000 meaningful experiences annually for children, youth, and women.

AYC envisions creating a self-sustaining Learning & Leadership Center where 1,500 participants join programs 3-5 times weekly. Additionally, there are plans to set up ten hubs/outreach posts across Kafue, positively affecting 500 youth, particularly in rural areas. The overarching goal is to shape a future where every part of the community experiences empowerment and opportunity.


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