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Member Spotlight: Assist International

member spotlight

Assist International partners with changemakers around the world to provide solutions that save lives and build resilient communities.  In partnership with foundations, hospital groups, service clubs, corporations, and individual donors, Assist International has completed over 600 projects, reaching 15,000 healthcare and biomedical engineering professionals from over 1660 hospitals and universities in 128 countries worldwide. 



Assist International is particularly excited to share their health:assist and oxygen:assist programs which encompass both the work they have been doing in response to COVID-19 and their efforts to promote health systems strengthening and development outcomes around the world. Some of their featured programs include:

  1. Medical oxygen: To date, they have helped strengthen the oxygen ecosystem in 3 countries: Ethiopia, Kenya, and Rwanda, collectively impacting 4.11M patients in these settings.
  2. COVID-19 Tele-Mentoring Series: This program increases the preparedness of healthcare providers to provide lifesaving care to patients in need. To date, it has reached 9700 healthcare providers in 128 countries. 
  3.  Health Technology Management Program: Using innovative, remote mentorship platforms such as AI-GO Remote, they facilitate relationships across the Global South empowering biomedical health systems along the way. Countries they have worked in include Ethiopia, Tanzania, Rwanda, Mali, Ghana and Cambodia.

Assist International welcomes potential partners to collaborate on their programs. Namely, they are currently pursuing:  (1) Funding partners – to help them expand their medical oxygen, tele-mentoring and health technology management programs to new contexts and communities; (2) Academic partners – that may be interested in contributing to the content, facilitation, and/or dissemination of their tele-mentoring programs; and (3) Implementation partners – that are interested in joining forces to co-design and co-implement programs that leverage their respective networks and capabilities to achieve synergistic impact. To learn more about participating and see their calendar of events, visit:






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