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Member Spotlight: FUNDES

member spotlight


Congratulations to Connective Impact member FUNDES on a strong first year with their Impact Venture Builder, FUNDES Catalyst.

Catalyst is dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs who might otherwise be excluded from innovative services in traditional marketplaces. Utilizing tech solutions to leverage demand, offer aggregation, inclusive logistics and skills development, Catalyst is able to solve the root business problems of micro and small businesses.

So far in their first year, they have successfully:

  • Raised $3.5 million from 12 investors to finance the growth of 6 ventures
  • Built “Merkomuna” a start-up leveraging shopkeepers to give discounts to low-income families in Mexico buying daily consumer goods
  • Tested promising business models for two existing programs (Enko & EcoBodegas)
  • Developed 2 exciting new solutions (Pymental and Reciclamos Juntos)

We wish them all further success and they start into their second year!

You can learn more about FUNDES Catalyst here.






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