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Member Spotlight: Kuja Kuja

member spotlight
Kuja Kuja enables humanitarian organizations to listen to displaced people, at the scale required by the massive dislocations they are seeing; understand the meaning of their feedback and suggestions in real time, raising up the actual voices of the people they serve; and to then take effective, adaptive action to improve the quality of services being provided and uncover new opportunities to respond to the needs of displaced people. Their partnerships help make Commitment 4 of the Core Humanitarian Standard a reality, so that “communities and people affected by crisis know their rights and entitlements, have access to information and participate in decisions that affect them.”
Kuja Kuja is very proud of their ability to listen to large numbers of people, and convert their voices into actionable change. To date, they have listened to more than 2 million community voices (of approximately 4 million beneficiaries served by their partner organizations), who have been empowered to speak their mind and are documented through their platform. Those voices have helped their partner organizations to make data driven decisions, leading to more than 800 actions taken to improve their service delivery.
Kuja Kuja is seeking partnerships with organizations that share their vision of a humanitarian sector that is centered on potential and beauty of displaced people, that takes their feedback as its starting point and inspiration, and measures success not only by revenue and compliance but also by the expressed satisfaction of the people they serve. Kuja Kuja is finalizing a case study that describes how action taken on feedback has an effect on the reported needs of communities within their platform. They are very excited to share their learning and promote best practices in implementing accountability to affected populations mechanisms. This case study should be ready by the end of October. Reach out to them at their website ( or by email ([email protected]) to learn more,


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