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Member Spotlight: Amplio

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Amplio’s mission is to empower the world’s most vulnerable communities through knowledge sharing. Amplio creates safe, proven, and inclusive digital technology that overcomes barriers to sharing knowledge with low literate people living in rural, remote, and hard-to-reach areas of the world’s poorest countries. The Amplio Talking Book is an easy-to-use audio device that delivers hours of content in any language. Users can listen to messages on demand and record their feedback. A built- in speaker allows families and groups to listen and learn together. A single Talking Book device can serve 100 listeners or more! Because Talking Books collect usage data and user feedback, Amplio’s partners can monitor message engagement, identify issues and trends, and continually update and improve their content for greater impact. Equally important, Talking Books create a user feedback loop that gives beneficiaries a voice and promotes participatory community engagement.

Amplio works with local NGOs, government agencies, and international development organizations across many sectors, from sustainable agriculture and food security to education and global health to gender equality and women’s economic empowerment. 


In 2020, Amplio passed a milestone: Talking Books have now reached over one million listeners, primarily in Northern Ghana, providing access to knowledge to transform livelihoods and lives. Today, Talking Book programs are expanding to new countries and regions, with programs in over a dozen countries including Haiti, Ethiopia, Malawi, and Bangladesh.


If you would like to learn about Amplio’s technology so you can use it in your program, Amplio is happy to set up a free consultation or schedule a demo. They also welcome local implementing partners, including social and behavior change communication experts. If you would like to fund a Talking Book program, Amplio is launching an initiative to award Talking Book devices and program support to locally-led NGOs.
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