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Partnership Strategy + Fundraising Audits

We cover a wide range of issues including partnership evaluation, fundraising needs, partner or donor identification, recommendations for partner outreach and more.

This audit provides you with a focused roadmap that will take your partnerships, fundraising or collaborations to the next level. In two hours, you’ll walk away with a clear strategy, actionable steps and actual partners or donors to connect with.

The Process

Priority setting

We’ll review your survey responses and discuss which elements of your strategy development must be addressed. We’ll also discuss what is and is not working with your current fundraising process.

Analysis / Recommendations

Next, we’ll cover opportunities that can take your partnership strategy, partnership engagement, fundraising or collaborations to the next level.

Partner Identification / Evaluation

Now the fun part begins. We’ll identify new partners for you to engage and/or donors to reach and/or evaluate the success of your engagement with select existing partners.

Next Steps

We’ll finish the audit by laying out actionable steps you can take, and provide you with recommended connections to make.

The Details

Invite up to 3 colleagues to join you. Before we begin the audit, you’ll be asked to fill out a short survey. Our session will be held over video, and all materials/work products will be yours to keep after the session ends.

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